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Who is meredith baxter dating

George and Dorothy were transferred to Saudi Arabia on business for a lengthy period and Hazel and Harold moved in with George's bother, real estate agent Steve Baxter (Ray Fulmer) and his wife, Barbara (Lynn Borden).Their daughter Susie, Harold's younger cousin, was played by child actress Julia Benjamin.They eventually reached the car and discovered Bobby's body.The young man had tried to escape, but he had been unable to pry the door open far enough due to the mud and the sheer force of the water. When he was three years old, the family moved to Whittier, California where neighbours urged Bobby's parents to get their son into acting.He died tragically, however, over 40 years ago, at the age of 21, The child actor, who played Harold Baxter on the popular 1960s Hazel comedy series, lost his life in an automobile accident on a bridge in Keystone, South Dakota on April 7, 1974.According to the World Heritage Encyclopedia, the bridge had been severely damaged two years previously in the South Dakota Flood of 1972.

While starring in Hazel, Bobby Buntrock made appearances on other television series.

There was a large hole in the middle of the bridge with at least 3.1 to 4.6 metres (10 to 15 feet) of water in the hole from the creek.

Unfortunately, there were no warning signs or barricades to call attention to the danger.

But Heyer’s life was ‘magnified’ in death, as her mother put it.

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When the photos were received, the Buntrocks agreed, under pressure, to submit them to an agent, Marcella Bell, who auditioned young Bobby and signed him on as client..

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