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Another solution (not suggested) is turning off Automatic updates on Windows 10. Open Outlook Express and go to "Tools Accounts" and click on "Mail" Tab.There is a free tool below that turns off Automatic Updates on Windows 10. Select your mail account and click "Export" Button to save account ".iaf" file.Then, once OE is reinstalled, open Options/Maintenance and specify existing folder with the mail as Store Folder.make sure to answer "Yes" to the prompt, so it does not delete old files.It costs Microsoft a lot of time and money to support XP and every OS that has followed. The Dutch Government is coughing up millions of dollars, well Euros but you get the idea, to support just 30 or 40,000 XP machines they still have.It’s in their interest to quit supporting the OS and force people onto newer systems. Large organizations including school districts have extensive instillations of XP machines that are quite old and are not up to snuff when it comes to running Windows 7, much less Windows 8.1.

First of all make a backup of all folders in case you make a mistake so you wont loose your emails. If you see there more than one folders (identities folder) then normally the older one has your old emails.We have created the automatic restore tool that restores Outlook Express (and emails, accounts e.t.c) back. On Tray icon settings click "Browse Mail folder" Close Outlook express and copy that folder to a USB drive (Backup) 4.For users that have lost oe from win 10 updates, this tool (restores oe back) can be used: https://runasxp.com/Thread-Windows-10-up...store-tool The tool will restore oe back but users must backup their emails before windows 10 major upgrade, for piece of mind. On Tray icon settings click "Browse Address Book" Close Outlook express and copy the Address book (Wab) file(s) also (Backup) 5.We are waiting windows 10 first updates so we can work with a more stabe win 10 version.Actually as I posted before you won't lose everything, only the address book, account settings and message rules.

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When Windows 10 upgrade finished, reinstall Outlook Express and replace the files from backup to same locations.

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