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The void 2001 online dating

*Age, Eternal, Perpetual, Everlasting, Immortal, or Forever?

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But you can see that there's another possible three-and-a-half year period that led up to the fulfillment of that rejection, which started in 66-CE when the Roman armies first attacked Jeru Salem.

For history tells us that the Romans mysteriously withdrew to fight another battle (allowing Christians to flee the city per the instructions of Jesus), and they thereafter returned to destroy the city, its priesthood, and its Temple (its entire way of worship) about 3-1/2 years later, in 70-CE.

We don't wish to enter such fields of speculation as others have done in the past.

However, note the following: 3-1/2 days (or 'times') is exactly half of a week; so the prophetic period seems to indicate half of a period that is started but then completed later the second half of a week. It lasted for exactly three-and-a-half years; and thereafter, it appears as though there were three-and-a-half years between his death and the conversion of the first gentiles.

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As you can see from the context of John the Fifth Chapter, the three witness-bearers of Jesus are the water (baptism), the Holy Spirit (gr. So, changing the water, the Spirit, and the blood to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost would make the rest of what John wrote illogical.*Homosexuality and Bestiality *Honest Judge *Hope of All Creation *Horeb *House to House? *Kingdom L *Lachish *Lake of Fire *Lamp Stands of Revelation *Land of Ra Messes or Gesem (Goshen)?*Large Crowd *Last Days *Last Lamb *Laying the Temple Foundation *Leprosy *Lesson in Humility *Living Creatures or Animals?For more information, see how these words are translated in other Bibles.At 2 Chronicles , the Septuagint speaks of the land fulfilling its 'Sabbaths.' However, the Hebrew word that is used there is shavta, which really means, 'rest.' So the Masoretic (Hebrew) text of 2 Chronicles reads, 'to fulfill Jehovah's Word by Jeremi Ah until the ground pays off all its days of desolation, the ground will rest (heb.

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