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The most common statutory rape defense proffered by defendants is reasonable mistake of the victim’s age.If an individual is charged with statutory rape, some states allow him to show the court that he honestly believed, based on evidence, or a reasonable assumption, that the victim was over the age of consent.When considering whether to allow a Romeo and Juliet exemption, the law considers the relative age of both parties, and uses this information as a factor to lessen the charges concerning the criminal act.For example, in Texas, an accused person can avoid a statutory rape conviction if: Like most crimes, there are a few defenses to charges of statutory rape, though potential defenses depend on the laws of the state in which the defendant is being charged with the crime.Even if the younger partner is a willing participant in sexual activities, the adult partner could end up in jail.The term statutory rape is misleading, as it does not refer to forced sexual activity.

Of those, the men received an average prison sentence of 2.4 years, and the women received an average sentence of 1.6 years.This is because point of the law is that someone under the age of consent is not legally able to give consent to sexual activity.The age of consent in the United States varies by state, and ranges from 16 to 18 years of age.In states that have a Romeo and Juliet law, however, consent is an essential element to prove, before the issue of what the defendant believed about the victim’s age, or the close ages of the parties, will even be taken into account.In states with no Romeo and Juliet law, however, consent is irrelevant.

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In addition to the age definition, statutory rape laws apply to other individuals who are legally unable to consent, including those with some physical and mental incapacities.