Lap band dating services

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Lap band dating services

Both girls were heavily made up with black eyeliner and mascara, colourful eyeshadow and red lipstick; their cheeks rouged. "Well Chelmsford the raunchiest, most outrageous rock chicks ever to come out of our little burg; Panti and Cherri Pops are with us again and this time we also have the lead singer of Transvixen Phil Benson," the ponytailed DJ gushed into the microphone.

They accessorised with silver costume jewellery: earings, necklace, bangles and rings. "And I have to tell you Chelmsford that once again these chicks are hot, hot, hot! Beth was the overweight dowdy woman who comprised one half of the 'Morning Crew'.

Bob Little, the drummer was his usual overconfident self and turned up dressed like a rock star in a purple zoot suit with a couple of groupies on his arm, to whom Wendy gave short thrift to at the door, much to his chagrin. "Ok follow me out back and I'll show to you the dressing rooms, performers lounge and my office," Wendy grinned at their looks of awe. The rehearsal went well and the concert was a blast.

He was hoping to get Panti and Beth into another cat fight. "Well I heard you rocked your knickers off, flashing your arses and crotches at the audience to make up for your lousy guitar playing," Beth sniped."No more than the rumours that your last girlfriend complained that she couldn't find your cunt through the rolls of fat hanging down from your belly," Panti shot back.Robbie gave a thumbs up to the sound engineer who had beeped out the obscenities but ensured the outburst was still broadcast."Phil Benson listeners; lead vocalist of Transvixen," Robbie grinned stupidly."As if it could be anybody else...stupid twat," Panti hissed to Cherri but the studio microphone picked it up.

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Both wore tan sheer-to-the waist pantyhose, black nylon panties and black high heels. " and a security guard had to guide them through the mob. Cherri laughed and lifted her skirt too and the crowd went wilder.

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