Jewish dating website uk clothing

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Jewish dating website uk clothing

I made a very exciting find recently following a stroll to Nelson Street synagogue, Whitechapel in search of a tenth man to make up the minyan at Fieldgate Street Great Synagogue on the second day of Simchat Torah, 15th October 2006.

Meanwhile, my friend Simon Benedictus has written elsewhere on the site about Oxford and St Georges.It was printed in Berlin in 1832, has Cyrillic (Russian) writing stamped in it and would have been brought to this country by immigrants from Eastern Europe...this book could talk what stories it could tell!At the beginning of the C20th over 100,000 Jews were crowded into the area around Whitechapel, Mile End and Aldgate.For their sake it is important the remaining synagogues (shuls) survive.If you are Jewish please make up a minyan/attend a service when you can.

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