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Asuka, unaware of Claude's role in her brother's death, launches an assault on a Cartel-controlled building site and begins to torture Miguel, Catalina's right hand man, into giving away Cartel secrets.

Armed with the information, Asuka sends Claude on various missions to hurt Cartel operations, including stopping the selling of and stealing a shipment of SPANK.

In October 2001, Claude and Catalina return to Liberty City.Claude is later arrested by the Liberty City Police Department.He is convicted of all charges and is sentenced to ten years in prison.Claude and Catalina arrive in Liberty City in October 2001 and immediately robbed a bank.Catalina, however, turns on her boyfriend, shooting him and leaving him for dead, explaining that he is 'small time'.

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While being transferred to Liberty State Penitentiary in Portland, Claude escapes from a police convoy after the Colombian Cartel attack the convoy to free the Old Oriental Gentleman.